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Why people fail to make money online

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by silveraden, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. silveraden

    silveraden New Member

    Because they spend a lot of time reading ebooks and registering useless domains. The keep on trying new ideas without focusing only to some.. They want quick money but don't want to work hard....
  2. JacobCook

    JacobCook Guest

    Yes, you are right, you have to focus on one thing and you should work hard..
  3. waterproof mp3

    waterproof mp3 New Member

    There is no such thing as quick money scheme because everyone will be doing it. Like everything else it takes time, effort, courage, and patient. One thing for sure that don't give up. If you've tried one method for a while and it doesn't work, move on to another method that you think might work. Just don't give up if it doesn't work the first time.
  4. ishuvonet

    ishuvonet New Member

    Yeah may be you're right.People sometimes like to read more and learn tricks but its not tricks only If you really want to make money online.

    Its all about actions that you must have to take to be successful.You may get some failure in the beginning but they will eventually turn you to the road of success.
  5. ebizzme

    ebizzme New Member

    nevertheless, finding a good guru is important with those' patient' of learning skills. work smart than work hard !
  6. Raumondho02

    Raumondho02 New Member

    Sometimes they don't see effects that they have expected. I know it from my experience. I was creating one page, had a plan but maximum ~100 visitors per week, so I created another one and one after that without focusing on first one. I think consequences with based plan is the key to success.

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