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True or False?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by m1k30rz, Dec 21, 2007.

  1. FunSiteMaker

    FunSiteMaker New Member


    Next person has a Motorola cellphone
  2. L'poolFan

    L'poolFan New Member

    Shitte, thats true!!

    Next person is using a laptop.
  3. adverbux

    adverbux New Member


    Next person knows at least 4 coding languages
  4. m1k30rz

    m1k30rz New Member


    The next person has a Motorola Cellphone
  5. anthrax1921

    anthrax1921 New Member


    Next person is a female.
  6. m1k30rz

    m1k30rz New Member

    False :p

    The next person loves Coca Cola!
  7. Malice1987

    Malice1987 New Member

    False, Mountain Dew rules.

    The next person is from the US.
  8. m1k30rz

    m1k30rz New Member


    The next person likes rock music
  9. centaur

    centaur New Member

    True....Very True

    Next person didn't party on new year's day
  10. m1k30rz

    m1k30rz New Member


    Next person loves chocolate!
  11. guykap

    guykap New Member

    True :)
    Next person is homophobic.
  12. cardlover1

    cardlover1 New Member

    false, i sticked to it this time:D

    Next person never showers for a week.

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