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Reselling domain names

Discussion in 'Domain Forum' started by tongyun, May 5, 2009.

  1. tongyun

    tongyun New Member

    How profitable is it to buy a domain name and then to sell it? What kind of work is involved in doing this? Do you have to actually have content or will the name just sell itself?
  2. misty

    misty New Member

    I have had a little experience in flipping domains, and the best thing to do is to have some relevant conbtent on the site to help prospective buyers see the domain name potential.

    The last one I sold took me seven months to sell. It was an international property website. I treated the whole thing like a property business, made some money from that, then sold the domain on.
  3. tongyun

    tongyun New Member

    What kind of time and money did you have to spend on getting that site ready so that it could be sold? Did you have to aggressively market it so the prospective buyer could see traffic patterns? Seven months seems like a long time (to me) but if your profit margin is high and you have the patience, like it sounds like you do, then it would be worth your time.
  4. andrew25

    andrew25 New Member

    It depends upon the type and PR of the domain name. I had seen many people buying domains for cheap prices and selling it on sites like sedo and earning quite a profit. It depends on how much you are lucky to choose a domain name.
  5. Orrymain

    Orrymain New Member

    I don't think there's much advantage to building a site if you're sole intention is to sell the domain name. What you use the site for is normally not what the buyer wants it for. They aren't after your content, just the name. You may have purchased a name because it's a nickname or sounds cute. The buyer wants it because they just wrote a book by that name, etc.
  6. Schucz

    Schucz New Member

    The domain name is nothing to shout about, I’m not even sure if it’s a good investment. I can't give you any promise as it's or just treating it as a hobby or.. ? Do you even have the time to develop it?

    domain which I’ve back ordered last year has dropped and was successfully captured.

    I remember I posted somthing about this: http://www.webhostingtutorial.com/forum/f8/buying-grabbing-domain-names-236/
  7. waterproof mp3

    waterproof mp3 New Member

    As of now all generic domain with dot com extension have been registered. But there are still relevant two and three domains that you can register and flip it for a small profit. Just make sure that the domain is in demand and don't register a domain because it sounds cool.
  8. John Dale

    John Dale Guest

    There are essentially two main ways to sell a domain name: you can find a buyer yourself, or you can use a company/organization to find a buyer on your behalf.

    Main reason for doing this is to make money.
  9. waterproof mp3

    waterproof mp3 New Member

    If you have a generic and aged domain you can easily flip them for a profit. But don't expect to make a lot of money from newly registered domain simply because they are new and it does not have a good reputation(PR/Backlinks/etc) from Google.
  10. ali jutt

    ali jutt New Member

    sounds good to me will come back soon and leave further comments

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