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Mouses of the Twenty-First Century

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by fromwhere, Jan 26, 2008.

  1. fromwhere

    fromwhere New Member


    This mouse was first introduced at the Taitronics in Bangkok in 2007. It combines a mouse and a number pad, just flip the outer case open for a number pad, or close it for a mouse. It is pretty useful for laptops.

    [​IMG]This mouse is controlled by an optical sensor, which allows it to be used in mid-air.

    This mouse operates exactly like a normal mouse, except it was made from an old Nintendo controller. In other words, it looks cool.

    This mouse isn't for your hands; it's for your feet. You put your feet on them, press down to click, and move around to move your cursor. By the way, the feet mouse are $316, which most people would call a rip-off.


    The gun mouse is an alternative to the average mouse. I think it just is a gun on a computer mouse since the site didn't state exactly how it worked. It would be cool if it worked like a Wii Remote though.
  2. RyanFormspring

    RyanFormspring New Member

    Heh. Some cool ones in there. :)
  3. Jenniferlinn

    Jenniferlinn New Member

    Really beautiful designs, i want to own all of them, from where i can buy them
  4. Katysmith

    Katysmith New Member

    nice images, i like them all
  5. kaemon salvate

    kaemon salvate New Member

    Playing games together creates a sense of family and friendship. Created has the opportunity to work with groups who can create conventional games in new and unusual materials and styles. And from among our fair trade gifts we can introduce game-lovers to the delights of pastimes that are traditional to the craftworkers themselves.
  6. bohratee

    bohratee New Member

    Wow amazing, these days lot of innovative ideas are used in products to make them more user friendly and cool, i love these
  7. Milo Odin

    Milo Odin Guest

    gun mouse looked cool and would be more cooler if its move like joystick
  8. shoaib1987

    shoaib1987 New Member

    Great mouses. I liked the mouse with number pad.
  9. deservinghost

    deservinghost New Member

    Amazing mouse.

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