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Introduce Yourself!

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by m1k30rz, Dec 21, 2007.

  1. ghoria

    ghoria New Member

    my bad! by adverbux i mean, not fast.sc
  2. vasunitw

    vasunitw New Member

    My name is srinivas,i am new to website development,hope this will help me a lot..
  3. cardlover1

    cardlover1 New Member

    Hey Sara here,

    from Canada, found this site very interesting...hope to learn a lot! I'm into programming.
    Hope someone can help me by answering some of the questions and of course I'll help back when I can:D
  4. zhanglfmaster

    zhanglfmaster New Member

    I'm hans, this looks like a nice site!
  5. Braun

    Braun New Member

    Im Braun .. very nice looking site by the way .. good job
  6. m1k30rz

    m1k30rz New Member

    Welcome everyone! Wow we are growing so fast, hope you all enjoy your time here
  7. hattiwatti

    hattiwatti New Member

    Hi, y'all! I'm Hattiwatti, and I'm interested about what this site has to offer for me. I'm sure I'll love to be here, and wish that all (or at least some) of you like to have me here, too.
  8. dommellenny

    dommellenny New Member

    hi, my name is Bert, i'm from belgium... tell me if i can help
  9. reega

    reega New Member


    My name is Riga, I'm from Indonesia...

    i'm still newbie as a webmaster,,,, still building one, and have yet finished after a month,,,

    I hope this forum can help me.... thehehe
  10. abc2008

    abc2008 New Member

    My name is Jiang Jia-long, like computer networks, personal stereo, I come from China's Fujian province have the opportunity to contact me EMAIL: REALPLAY10@YAHOO.COM.CN
  11. noku

    noku New Member

    im just a boy.. :D
  12. adssi

    adssi New Member

    I'm adssi came from one of Asian region ;)

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