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free web domain name

Discussion in 'Domains' started by mars_man, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. mars_man

    mars_man New Member

  2. louise31

    louise31 New Member

    Always looking for free domain names so thaanks for the link, Iwill go and have a look now:)
  3. tongyun

    tongyun New Member

    Ok...I clicked the link and it took me to a site that said things are extremely busy and to come back. Is there some kind of catch to this? Looks like the extension belongs to the country of Tokelau. http://www.issociate.de/domain_eng_tk_Tokelau.php
  4. misty

    misty New Member

    Yes, the link said the same thing for me too.

    I followed your link tongyun simply because I never even knew a place called Tokelau existed!
  5. cirereyes

    cirereyes New Member

    Is that a bot or is it really a human being? That’s one problem you get in forums, some members just advertise on it and offer dead links. I hope these are not paid ad links.
  6. worriorway

    worriorway New Member

    it is pro bely not a good a good idea to get free domain name because there has been a lot o spamming did by free domain name alone and not good for SEO purpose
  7. bohratee

    bohratee New Member

    Its not a good idea to get free but as a starter you need to have one to test, thanks
  8. Jeniffer Maben

    Jeniffer Maben New Member

    Select domain name carefully. Domain name creates an identity for your business so i don't recommend free domain.
  9. alex pabalte

    alex pabalte New Member

    I would say use some paid domain name, it would be good as you may want to run serious business.

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