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Dedicated hosting or Cloud hosting?

Discussion in 'Webhosting' started by exabeesg, Dec 7, 2016.

  1. exabeesg

    exabeesg New Member

    I plan to switch my hosting plan for a better performance. And I am now struggling between dedicated server and cloud hosting. Which should i choose? what are the difference between them? Welcome to share your point of views here
  2. podo609

    podo609 New Member

  3. john miller

    john miller New Member

    As it’s well known that if you own a dedicated server, you must have to pay for it if you use its resources or not but if you opt for cloud hosting, it has pay-as-you-use model, so cloud is pocket-friendly. And, when it comes to scaling, no one can beat cloud hosting, and hence offering zero down time for your website is its specialty. Also, cloud hosting is compatible with all kinds of CRMs and auto-backup is the plus point with it that’s an in-build quality of cloud (you’ll have to pay extra for it with any other hosting).
  4. marketingninetwo

    marketingninetwo New Member

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  5. marketingninetwo

    marketingninetwo New Member

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  6. marketingninetwo

    marketingninetwo New Member

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  7. Scott Harwood

    Scott Harwood New Member

    Dedicated Hosting
    Hosting providers give an entire physical server to a single client, so that is called Dedicated Hosting, and that server is known as Dedicated Servers. The resources(RAM, disk space, etc.) of the server is only dedicated to you. You don't have to share space with others, like Shared Hosting and VPS Hosting.

    Cloud Hosting
    Hosting providers provide a Cloud environment to host a website in Cloud Hosting. Cloud is a group of virtual storage, or we can say you'll get the failover cluster. That means you'll have another live version of your website. And if any problem occurs, your host load website from the other mirror(virtual) server in the same cluster. So you'll get 100% hardware uptime. Cloud Hosting can be available in Shared and VPS.

    If you're using Shared Hosting, then I suggest you can shift to Cloud Hosting, and if you are on VPS, then you can go with Cloud VPS.

    Benefits of the Cloud environment:
    • Easy to scale server resources
    • Redundant server environment
    • Safety from server hardware issues
    • Higher uptime and availability
    • Faster website speed and performance

    Dedicated hosting is very costlier than others. If your website doesn't need many resources, then I suggest you should go with Cloud Hosting instead of Dedicated Hosting.

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